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Volume 5 Number 2 pp. 67-83

Emil Panek



; University of Economics, Poland

Non-stationary Leontief-Walras economy

Abstract: An economy's stability, in the traditional sense, is permanently connected with its equilibrium state, since when we speak of a stable (in a local or global sense) economic system, we mean its ability to return to equlibrium after shocks. Such a meaning of stability is senseless in non-stationary economies, since they do not have any invariant states that are synonyms of the equilibria. By the example of Leontief-Walras model we shall show that non-stationarity of an economy does not exclude its stability, and equlibrium is not a sine qua non condition of stable growth. (original abstract)
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Keywords: Economic equilibrium, Economic models, Computable General Equilibrium (CGE), Równowaga gospodarcza, Modele ekonomiczne, Model równowagi ogólnej

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