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The procedure of reviewing at the EBR

Each paper submitted to the EBR is assessed by the Editor-in-chief and at least one member of the Editorial Board. When the following basic requirements have been fulfilled, namely

  1.  A sufficient contribution of the paper to knowledge;
  2.  Its high potential to attract the interest of an international audience

the text is sent to review.

If the answer to either of these questions is negative then the paper will not be deemed suitable for publication.

Each pre-selected paper is evaluated by at least two independent Reviewers.

The double-blind review process is applied. It means that neither the Author(s) nor the Reviewers know identities of the other.

The review is a written document which ends with a definite decision as to whether the article should be:

  • published as submitted;
  • should be published after minor author’s revisions by the Author as outlined in comments;
  • should be returned to the Author for major revisions as outlined in the comments and then submitted for re-review;
  • rejected entirely in its present form. In this case the paper cannot be re-submitted to the EBR.    

The detailed evaluation criteria are outlined in the Paper Reviewer Forms (see Paper Evaluation Form).

Every year a list of Reviewers collaborating with the Editors of the EBR is shown in the last (fourth) issue of the quarterly publication and on the website when all four issues of the journal have been sent to print.