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Volume 7 Number 2


Volume 7 Number 2 pp. 5-28
Marian Gorynia, Barbara Jankowska, Radosław Owczarzak
Clusters - an attempt to respond to the globalisation challenge? : the case of furniture cluster in Wielkopolska
Volume 7 Number 2 pp. 29-40
Dave Hanson, Jan Napoleon
The Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade : is it working for business?
Volume 7 Number 2 pp. 41-58
Sławomir Kalinowski
Alternative bargaining solutions in asymmetric tariff rates negotiations
Volume 7 Number 2 pp. 59-88
Paweł Kowalski, Tadeusz Kowalski, Clas Wihlborg
Poland : the EMU entry strategy vs. the monetary issues

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