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Volume 4 Number 1


Volume 4 Number 1 pp. 5-18
Grzegorz Gołembski
The role of the public sector in developing tourism product strategies for tourism destinations
Volume 4 Number 1 pp. 19-29
Bernadeta Hołderna-Mielcarek
Poland's tourism image - results of a survey conducted among Austrian students
Volume 4 Number 1 pp. 30-42
Agnieszka Niezgoda
Problems of implementing sustainable tourism in Poland
Volume 4 Number 1 pp. 43-51
Marlena Bednarska
Risk control methods in a hotel operation
Volume 4 Number 1 pp. 52-73
Matthias Fuchs
Strategy development in tourism destinations : a DEA approach
Volume 4 Number 1 pp. 74-86
Mike Peters
Business planning processes in tourism family enterprises
Volume 4 Number 1 pp. 87-102
Birgit Pikkemaat
The measurement of destination image : the case of Austria
Volume 4 Number 1 pp. 103-112
Klaus Weiermair, Christopher Kronenberg
Stuck in the middle : strategies for improving the market position of SMEs in tourism

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