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Volume 3 Number 2


Volume 3 Number 2 pp. 5-11
Steve R. Letza, Łukasz Kalupa, Tadeusz Kowalski
Predicting corporate failure : how useful are multi-discriminant analysis models?
Volume 3 Number 2 pp. 12-30
Paweł Kliber, Krzysztof Malaga
Convergence of regional growth paths towards stable steady-states in Poland in years 1998-2000
Volume 3 Number 2 pp. 31-40
Piotr Maćkowiak
Sensitivity of optimal paths with respect to horizon length in a nonstationary multisector growth model
Volume 3 Number 2 pp. 41-52
Paweł Marszałek
Coordination of monetary and fiscal policy
Volume 3 Number 2 pp. 53-68
Eugeniusz Najlepszy, Paweł Śliwiński
Short-term rates of return on uncovered interest rate arbitrage and capital flows in Poland

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