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Volume 5 (19) Number 1


Volume 5 (19) Number 1 pp. 3-11; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2019.1.1
Udo Broll, Alexander Kemnitz, Vivekananda Mukherjee
Globalization, inequality and economic policy
Volume 5 (19) Number 1 pp. 12-31; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2019.1.2
Domenico Buccella
Strategic trade and FDI policies in a unionized industry
Volume 5 (19) Number 1 pp. 32-52; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2019.1.3
Dinah Kagan
The influence of Europeanization policies on immigrants’ participation in Scandinavian higher education
Volume 5 (19) Number 1 pp. 53-78; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2019.1.4
Wolfgang Zank
Insufficient data, short time spans, illusions and multiple pressures: designing the German Monetary Union in 1990
Volume 5 (19) Number 1 pp. 79-92; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2019.1.5
Mariusz Maziarz
A disequilibrium mechanism: When managerial decisions cause macroeconomic instability
Volume 5 (19) Number 1 pp. 93-113; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2019.1.6
Sylwia Morawska, Błażej Prusak, Przemysław Banasik, Beata Woźniak-Jęchorek
Sanctions and their role in preventing the appropriation of the creditor’s property rights in bankruptcy proceedings–the case of Poland

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