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Volume 4 (18) Number 4 pp. 97-114

Gary Evans

University of Prince Edward Island

Bold vision: Gender diversity stuck in transition


Canada is often put forward as an example of forward thinking on inclusiveness
and gender balance. However, for the last 30 years, while gender diversity progress
has been made within Canadian government agencies, commissions and boards
(ABCs), the private sector continues to lag behind, stuck trying to break through the
barrier of 18–22% females on Boards. This occurs while mounting empirical evidence
clearly indicates that it is not just the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. This
paper looks at where progressive government change has generated results and potential
avenues necessary to make gender equality a reality within both the government
and private sector beyond 2018. The author reviews the methods used by the Canadian
government to achieve gender parity, ending with some insights on how the private
sector could implement gender parity without the use of quotas.

pub/2018_4_97.pdf Full text available in in Adobe Acrobat format:
Keywords: corporate governance, gender, board diversity, women, quota

DOI: 10.18559/ebr.2018.4.6

For citation:

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