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Volume 3 (17) Number 1


Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 3-6; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.1
Gary L. Evans, Steve Letza
Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 7-37; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.2
Michał Kałdoński, Tomasz Jewartowski
Agency costs of overvalued equity and earnings management in companies listed on WSE
Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 38-72; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.3
Andrew Carrothers
Friends or foes? Activist hedge funds and other institutional investors
Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 73-96; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.4
Donald Nordberg
Board ethos and institutional work: developing a corporate governance identity through developing the UK code
Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 97-111; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.5
Alidou Ouedraogo
Governance and financing of innovative very small business (VSB): evidence from a Canadian biotechnological firm.
Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 112-126; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.6
Leslie Spiers
Corporate governance, risk and crises in small companies: shedding light from inside the boardroom black box
Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 127-148; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.7
Renata Konadu
Gender diversity impact on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Greenhouse Gas emissions in the UK
Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 149-163; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.8
Edward W. Miles
Lessons university-based business schools should learn vicariously-rather than through experience-from university athletics
Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 164-183; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.9
Jan Szambelańczyk
Commercialization of the education of economists versus integrity of the university
Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 184-204; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.10
Steve Letza
Corporate governance and the African business context: the case of Nigeria
Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 205-223; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.11
Gary L. Evans
Disruptive technology and the board: the tip of the iceberg
Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 224-225; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.12
Steve Letza
Book review: Kerry E. Howell, M. Karim Sorour [Eds.]. 2017. Corporate governance in Africa. Assessing implication and ethical perspectives
Volume 3 (17) Number 1 pp. 226-227; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2017.1.13
Gary L. Evans
Book review: Richard LeBlanc (Ed.). 2016. Th e handbook of board governance, a comprehensive guide for public private and not-for-profi t board members

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