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Volume 2 (16) Number 3 pp. 138-140

Dorota Appenzeller1

1Poznań University of Economics and Business, Poznań, Poland

Microeconometrics in Business Management


Mathematical tools – especially econometric
models – play an important, but
still underestimated role in business management.
The process of decision-making
in a company requires increasing access
to data. To make a proper decision the
data must be analyzed in order to find
regularities in the functioning of the economic
entity. These regularities constitute
the basis for the construction of tools for
making forecasts or simulations and then
– decisions. It is econometrics which creates
such tools. Generally two branches
of econometrics can be distinguished: the
theory of econometrics, which provides
models and develops methods for their
construction and applied econometrics,
where theoretical models are used for specific
applications in a given economy or

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DOI: 10.18559/ebr.2016.3.9

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