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Volume 1 (15) Number 4


Volume 1 (15) Number 4 pp. 3-13; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.4.1
Emil Panek
A turnpike theorem for a non-stationary Gale economy with limit technology. A particular case
Volume 1 (15) Number 4 pp. 14-24; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.4.2
Domenico Buccella
Product market cooperation under efficient bargaining with different disagreement points: a result
Volume 1 (15) Number 4 pp. 25-45; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.4.3
Binam Ghimire, Rishi Gautam, Dipesh Karki, Satish Sharma
Banks, non-bank companies and stock exchange: do we know the relationship?
Volume 1 (15) Number 4 pp. 46-68; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.4.4
Itai Blitzer
Measuring the usefulness of information publication time to proxy for returns
Volume 1 (15) Number 4 pp. 69-83; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.4.5
Sławomir Kalinowski, Małgorzata Kokocińska
Business tendency survey data. Where do the respondents’ opinions come from
Volume 1 (15) Number 4 pp. 84-101; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.4.6
Marian Gorynia, Jan Nowak, Piotr Trąpczyński, Radosław Wolniak
Does outward FDI by Polish multinationals support existing theory? Findings from a quantitative study
Volume 1 (15) Number 4 pp. 102-125; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.4.7
Orni Gov
The complex relationship between intrinsic and extrinsic rewards
Volume 1 (15) Number 4 pp. 126-153; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.4.8
Michal Lory
Improvement of the communication between teachers and students in the coaching programme and in a process of action research
Volume 1 (15) Number 4 pp. 154-156; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.4.9
Gary Evans
Book Review- Choosing Classic Grounded Theory: a Grounded Theory Reader of Expert Advice

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