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Volume 1 (15) Number 3


Volume 1 (15) Number 3 pp. 3-4; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.3.1
Piotr Manikowski, W. Jean Kwon
Volume 1 (15) Number 3 pp. 5-19; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.3.2
Jan Monkiewicz, Lech Gąsiorkiewicz, Marek Monkiewicz
The changing architecture of the safety net in insurance worldwide: post crisis developments
Volume 1 (15) Number 3 pp. 20-37; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.3.3
Klime Poposki, Jordan Kjosevski, Zoran Stojanovsk
The determinants of non-life insurance penetration in selected countries from South Eastern Europe
Volume 1 (15) Number 3 pp. 38-57; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.3.4
Tanja Drvoshanova-Eliskovska
Microeconomic and macroeconomic determinants of the profitability of the insurance sector in Macedonia
Volume 1 (15) Number 3 pp. 58-77; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.3.5
Marijana Ćurak, Doris Podrug, Klime Poposki,
Policyholder and insurance policy features as determinants of life insurance lapse – evidence from Croatia
Volume 1 (15) Number 3 pp. 78-89; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.3.6
Marek Szczepański
Longevity risk and the design of the Polish pension system
Volume 1 (15) Number 3 pp. 90-111; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.3.7
Monika Kaczała, Dorota Wiśniewska
Polish farmers’ perception of spring frost and the use of crop insurance against this phenomenon in Poland
Volume 1 (15) Number 3 pp. 112-120; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.3.8
Nadezda Kirillova
Insurance and risk management systems in Russia
Volume 1 (15) Number 3 pp. 121-124; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.3.9
Jan Polowczyk
BOOK REVIEW - Zero Marginal Cost Society. The Internet of Things, The Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism
Volume 1 (15) Number 3 pp. 125-126; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2015.3.10
Tadeusz Kowalski
BOOK REVIEW - Central Banks Crisis. The Impact of Interest Rates Close to Zero

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