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Volume 14 Number 4


Volume 14 Number 4 pp. 7-21
Aleksander Surdej
The scenarios for the future of EU public policies: the perspective of the theory of public goods
Volume 14 Number 4 pp. 22-37
Piotr Stanek
Public debt sustainability and the participation of the new member states in the euro area
Volume 14 Number 4 pp. 38-53
Andrzej Cieślik, Anna Michałek, Jan Jakub Michałek
European integration and firm's export performance in the new EU member countries
Volume 14 Number 4 pp. 54-70
Bartosz Michalski
Competitiveness of Polish mid-tech and high-tech exports to the European Union (EU-27) in the first decade of the 21st century
Volume 14 Number 4 pp. 71-90
Martin Dangerfield
V4: A new brand for Europe? Ten years of post-accession regional cooperation in Central Europe
Volume 14 Number 4 pp. 91-108
Hrvoje Butković, Višnja Samardžija
Challenges of continued EU enlargement to the Western Balkans - Croatia's experience

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