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Volume 14 Number 3


Volume 14 Number 3 pp. 7-22
Maria Krasnodębska
Socialization as a power discourse: conceptualizing the Eastern enlargement of Western international institutions
Volume 14 Number 3 pp. 23-38
Cem Yalçin
Challenging the future: the democratic deficit of the EU from a federalist perspective
Volume 14 Number 3 pp. 39-57
Renke Deckram, Sebastian Fietkau
The new member states' commitment to independent European Commissioners
Volume 14 Number 3 pp. 58-72
Joaquín Sarrión
Constitutional limits to European integration in the New Member States after the biggest enlargement
Volume 14 Number 3 pp. 73-84
Thomas Pellerin-Carlin
EU 10 years after its biggest enlargement: Europe's identity crisis. Looking in the black box of European cultural and political identities
Volume 14 Number 3 pp. 85-95
Dorota Czyżewska
Challenges of multilingualism in the EU

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