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Volume 13 Number 3


Volume 13 Number 3 pp. 5-22
Karl Hinrichs
Sovereign debt crises and pension reforms in selected European countries
Volume 13 Number 3 pp. 23-41
Mirosław Księżopolski
Between guarantees of communism and a paternalistic-market hybrid : Polish social policy at the turn of the 20th century
Volume 13 Number 3 pp. 42-54
Lobna Bousrih
Social capital, human capital and sustainable economic development
Volume 13 Number 3 pp. 55-90
Michał Berger
Motives for the foundation of the ECSC
Volume 13 Number 3 pp. 91-106
Volodymyr V. Sysoiev
Dynamic model of optimized supply for organizational units of armed forces (at decentralized procurement)
Volume 13 Number 3 pp. 107-129
Dorit Kay
Language and Behavior Profile as a method to be used in a coaching process

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