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Volume 12 Number 4


Volume 12 Number 4 pp. 5-13
Institution for risk sharing : international joint venture
Volume 12 Number 4 pp. 14-27
Barbara Jankowska
Perceptions of the results of cooperation with rivals - the perspective of Danish, Japanese and Polish companies. Does the cultural background matter?
Volume 12 Number 4 pp. 28-50
Michał Konopczyński
Short and medium run effects of fiscal policy in an economic and monetary union : the case of a small country
Volume 12 Number 4 pp. 51-71
Habte G. Woldu, Agnieszka Skuza, Tevfik Dalgic, Ipek Altinbasak
Viewing the cultural value orientations of Austria, Poland, and Turkey through six cultural dimensions : an emphasis on Turkish cultural fit to European Union members

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