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Volume 12 Number 3


Volume 12 Number 3 pp. 9-41
Mitchell H. Kellman, Yochanan Shachmurove
Evolving sophistication of trade patterns in a transition economy - machinery exports of Poland 1980-2009
Volume 12 Number 3 pp. 42-80
Wojciech J. Florkowski
Evidence of household consumption changes associated with the global economic slowdown
Volume 12 Number 3 pp. 81-98
Jan Polowczyk
Strategic management at the beginning of the XXI century : the impact of crisis turbulences
Volume 12 Number 3 pp. 99-124
Marlena Dzikowska, Barbara Jankowska
The global financial crisis of 2008-2009 and the Fortune Global 500 corporations : Looking for losers among the biggest - exploratory study
Volume 12 Number 3 pp. 125-143
Dominika Zenka-Podlaszewska
Competitiveness and interest rates : the case of investing in new housing in Poland in 2002-2010

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