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Volume 4 (18) Number 4


Volume 4 (18) Number 4 pp. 3-29; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2018.4.1
Richard Sweeney
Constitutional conflicts in the European Union: court packing in Poland vs. the United States
Volume 4 (18) Number 4 pp. 30-45; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2018.4.2
Anna Matysek-Jędrych
On a growing central banks accountability for financial stability – macroprudential perspective
Volume 4 (18) Number 4 pp. 46-63; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2018.4.3
Michał Jurek
Choosing the exchange rate regime – a case for intermediate regimes for emerging and developing economies
Volume 4 (18) Number 4 pp. 64-82; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2018.4.4
Agnieszka Lipieta
The role of imitative mechanisms within the economic evolution
Volume 4 (18) Number 4 pp. 83-96; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2018.4.5
Maciej Cieślukowski, Mihai Mutascu
Fiscal consequences of the abolition of sugar levies
Volume 4 (18) Number 4 pp. 97-114; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2018.4.6
Gary Evans
Bold vision: Gender diversity stuck in transition
Volume 4 (18) Number 4 pp. 115-133; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2018.4.7
Bchr Alatassi, Steve Letza
Best practice in bank corporate governance: The case of Islamic Banks
Volume 4 (18) Number 4 pp. 134-136; DOI:10.18559/ebr.2018.4.8
Marin Marinov
Dzikowska, M., Gorynia, M. and Jankowska, B. (Eds): International Competitiveness of Polish Companies: During and After the Global Economic Crisis, 312 pages, Difin SA, Warsaw, Poland, 2017. Paperback, ISBN 976-63-6085-319-5

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